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Jun 25, 2024

Part 5 of our luxury brownstone renovation project in Carmel series features everything about the fireplace.  It’s a little more than a box with some logs thrown in and we briefly discuss the details of this elegant feature in the room.  In addition, we turn a door into a window.

Jun 18, 2024

Have you ever wondered about home elevators? How do you make a small elevator feel like the rest of a gorgeous home while navigating the restrictions of space and weight? In this final part of the series, we explore these answers.

Jun 11, 2024

This is part 3 of this series where we feature elements of a luxury brownstone project in Carmel. When you remodel any bathroom that has detailed elements to be featured, these elements must be planned for... but even with the best of intentions, there are times when you must be able to pivot and solve problems on...

Jun 4, 2024

In the spirit of being the most helpful home remodeling related entity on the planet, this week we continue a series where we review a recently completed project that you will not want to miss!  It is the most ornate, detailed project we have ever completed, and the visuals are stunning...